Digital Drop in and Work Club at BAEC

Bromley Adult Education College offer Digital Drop in and Work Club opportunities at their centres. This podcast gives valuable information to anyone looking for a job, thinking of up-skilling or just having a change of career. We interview people with a wide range of skills and careers on what’s required for their profession.This is both informative and can be motiving for those looking for work or employment ideas.

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Wednesday Jul 03, 2024

In this Episode, Jill is joined by Darren Kirwin, Head of Bromley Adult Education (Interim). Darren talks insightfully about his career path, which has taken many different directions over the years.  From starting his working life in banking, Darren returned to college and qualified in a Fashion Textiles Course which took him onto Birmingham University.  Through hard work and skill, Darren got the amazing opportunity to complete his Masters at the Royal College of Art.  A career utilising his skills ensued, but then a chance return to his Liverpool College set Darren on the road to teaching.  From here Darren has taken the opportunity to explore many different roles within academia which has led him to Bromley Adult Education College.

Sunday Jun 02, 2024

In this Episode, Jill is joined by Tania Wanstall, Emmy nominated Special Effects Make-up Artist. Tania talks about her amazing career, working on so many major movies, and then how a medical operation didn't go as planned.  Suddenly in her 50's, Tania had to walk away from the only career she knew and look to re-train.  This has resulted in her returning to college and taking several qualifications to become a fantastic care-worker, but also realising that so much counselling is needed.  More intense college courses ensued, and Tania is now a qualified counsellor, to allow her a mix of work and opportunities.  Proof indeed that we can all re-train at any point in our lives and turn a negative into a positive.

Saturday Apr 13, 2024

In this Episode, Jill is joined by Lisa Ferguson. Lisa started life in the corporate world, but 12 years ago setup her own beauty business "Allure by Lisa", predominantly for eyelash extensions.  Lisa ran this business in the evenings and weekends whilst still working full time in London.  As the business has grown (and so has her family!) Lisa has made her beauty business really work for her and give up her other career.  This has allowed her to expand the treatments she offers and be more flexible with her time for her family.  This is a local business in Orpington, near our Poverest Centre.  Do check out her socials on Facebook and Instagram for more details of the treatments she offers.

Sunday Mar 03, 2024

In this Episode, Jill is joined by Veronica Lee. Veronica has had a varied employed career that suited different times in her life, but four years ago she decided to setup "Go Walkies" her own dog walking business.  With hard work and reliability, Veronica is delighted to have a job that gets her out the house come rain or shine! She has grown her business to the size she wants, which gives her the personal touch with all her grateful clients and fits in with her busy life and family. Veronica talks about the rules and regulations of walking dogs plus the mental health and wellbeing benefits.

Monday Feb 19, 2024

In this Episode, Jill is joined by Olabunmi Odofin who is a qualified secondary school teacher in Nigera.  However, since moving to the UK she has been working as a teaching assistant.  Olabunmi shares her extensive knowledge on how you can become a teaching assistant and what the job involves.  She also shares information on if you are an existing qualified teacher abroad, how since February 2023 you are eligible to teach core subjects in the UK.  There is lots of information on this, but here is a link in the first instance

Monday Jan 08, 2024

In this Episode, Jill is joined by Michaela Channing who works as a Live Event Production Manager, predominantly for television.  Michaela specialises in live sports events which has taken her all over the world to be part of amazing sporting history.  Michaela always knew she wanted to work in the film or tv arena, so set her goals on getting the right training and qualifications.  Her work ethic and dedication has paid off.  She is highly sort after in her field, and never stops seeking the next challenge.

Tuesday Nov 28, 2023

In this Episode, Jill is joined by Kate Hamblin who is a successful business woman.  However, she took the decision to upskill herself to cover all eventualities in the future.  Running her own beautician business took a real knock when Covid hit and there was zero income.  Kate never wanted to be in that position again so wanted other options available to her.  Thinking of teaching, she took qualifications to facilitate this, but soon realised her heart lay more in counselling and is just reaching the end of her level 4 certification now.

Monday Oct 23, 2023

In this Episode, Jill is joined by Cathryn Kennedy who shares her knowledge on training and working as an NHS Midwife.  As well as looking at the practical side of midwifery, we discuss the importance of digital skills to accurately record all patient information.

Thursday Sep 28, 2023

In this Episode, Jill is joined by Csaba Laszlo who shares his experience as a courier driver on the popular apps customers use to order food/drink etc to be delivered to their home or work.

Wednesday Jul 12, 2023

In this Episode, Jill is joined by Samantha Matthews who shares her wealth of experience in all things creative, and how she got to the point of running her own business doing something she loves

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